Get to know us.

Ever seen a unicycle win the Tour de France? Try clapping while holding a beer. And don’t dare bet high without that second jack. The power of two. It’s undeniable. And at 2Hooks, we get it. Which is why each client gets the full attention of at least two brains that work here.

And what does all that gray matter get you? A creative design and communications shop expertly equipped to grow your business through attention-grabbing art, words, and images in both digital and print formats. Think of 2Hooks as the matchmaker between the two that matter most: you and the customer.

Need a logo? Certainly. Web and social media presence lacking luster? We got it covered. Writing content racking your brain? We’ll take it on. Need a fresh perspective on your current advertising strategy? Will do. Anything else? Just ask.

One is so lonely. But with two, you have a team.


Design: Ads, logos, websites, packaging, social media skins, infographics, brochures, posters, flyers
Editorial: Web/social media content, articles, newsletters, press releases, copywriting, proofing, editing

MargauxMargaux Jacks/Creative Director
From production assistant just out of design school to art directing for the likes of the Virginia Department of Transportation, The University of Virginia, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, I’ve been a working designer for the better part of two decades. Print, web, radio, television: You name it and I’ve designed it, and all with the same zeal no matter if the client is a company of one or a global corporation.

JasonJason Jacks/Content Director
I got the writing bug preparing intelligence reports in the U.S. Army in the early-90s. From there, I worked in book publishing before moving on to newspapers, where I was a dogged reporter/editor for almost a decade. After that, I became a senior writer for George Mason University before co-founding 2Hooks. Wait, I’ve been doing this for 20 years? OK, now I feel old.