January 20, 2015

EARTH-SAVING IDEA: Journey Not Over for Old Airline Seats

10393712_10152572989190811_4347685110767843078_nThe folks at Portland, Ore.’s, Looptworks have a simple but powerful mission: “create beauty from what already exists and make it useful through smart design.” And boy did they soar high with their latest idea. This forward-thinking company partnered with Southwest Airlines to turn 43 acres worth of leather from old airplane seats into a line of beautifully designed bags. They dubbed the venture Project Luvseat.

After redesigning the interior of its fleet of planes, Southwest no longer needed the seats’ liners. So instead of clogging landfills, they turned to Looptworks to give the leather new life. By repurposing them, the two companies saved 4,000 gallons of water while also reducing their carbon footprints! “We wanted to make sure this wasn’t the end of the journey for 80,000 seat covers,” Looptworks said in a video posted online.


The bags range from $150 to $250.

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