January 27, 2015

Eco-Friendly Wave Riding

Sustainable_Surf_logo_stacked_300x300_400x400Admission: I don’t surf. Never have. But for some strange reason, I’m drawn to the sport. During the rare occurrence when a surfing event appears on television, I’m there, entranced by the colors of the ocean, the warmth of the sun, the athleticism of the surfers, and the artistry of the boards they ride. It goes without saying, my attention to the sport peaks in the winter when I’m encased in a prison of cold, gray weather we’re so lucky to have here on the East coast. So to knock me out of my winter funk, I usually turn on Netflix and catch “Endless Summer” for the umpteenth time, or I’ll scour the Internet for amazing wave-riding photography. During one such surfing binge, I stumbled across the raddest of do-gooder organizations: Sustainable Surf.

Sustainable Surf

Sustainable Surf

Based in California (of course), the group’s mission is an obvious one: protect their beloved playground, the world’s oceans. And how do they do it? Just like anyone who ventures into the wild should be doing: leave as little of yourself behind after you head home.

Some of their programs include Waste to Waves, where they encourage surfers to recycle packaging foam so it can be converted into surfboards; ECOBOARD Project, a program that certifies surfboards eco-friendly after they meet strict sustainable standards; and Deep Blue Surfing Events, a program that encompasses multiple environment-protecting initiatives with a goal of reducing surfing competitions’ impact on local ecosystems. Again, leave it as you found it.

For all its hard work protecting our oceans, Sustainable Surf was recently honored by SURFING magazine with its Agent of Change award.

Great news for some serious do-gooder dudes. We’re stoked for them!

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